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Pregnancy is not a disease (a 27-week pregnant dance show)

Carlotta Cerri

Last Friday was the big day: we (“we” as in Emily and I) finally danced in the theatre, a show that I was looking forward to since before getting pregnant seven months ago.

I have to admit it, I left the theatre a bit disappointed in my performance: I always think of myself as wonder woman, but in retrospect I should have known that doing the whole show twice in a day—rehearsals at 5pm and actual show at 9pm—with no time to rest in between, it’s too much when you’re seven months pregnant!

But despite the few mistakes, I’m so happy I did it, it’s going to be an amazing memory and a once-in-a-lifetime anecdote to tell Emily one day. There have been many times when I felt like maybe it was too much—especially the Sunday 5-hour long rehearsals in a 40°C dance (sauna?) room throughout the whole summer—but I’m proud of myself for doing it and honouring my commitment.

After this experience—and the myriad of questions I got from many people about the safety of dancing in a show this far along in pregnancy—there’s something I’d like to say to all pregnant women out there: pregnancy is not a disease. If you’re fine, if your baby’s fine, if your tests are fine (which is the most likely scenario), there’s no reason to stop living your normal life. If you’re a dancer, there’s no reason to stop jumping, spinning, and doing floor routines exactly like you were doing before. If you’re a runner, there’s not reason to stop running long distance if your body is up for it.

I’m not reckless, I always had in mind the safety of my baby—and I paid extra attention at every spin, jump, and floor routine—but I didn’t let it affect my life. As a result, I haven’t gained much weight, I’m in a great physical shape for being seven months pregnant, my lung capacity is still very good and I feel happier and healthier. Which is the reason why this week I’m back at the dance school for my dance classes.

Pregnancy is a very natural journey for a woman and it shouldn’t be treated as a disease. That’s why my reply to all those questions was a smile and a, “I’m not sick, I’m just pregnant”.

And I mean, it was a huge effort, yes, but this is what I was left with (and there are many more to come). Wasn’t it worth it?

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