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Crisis of development in the first 3 years (via Montessori en Casa)

Dalla nascita, all'autosvezzamento, all'auto affermazione

Carlotta Cerri

Photo Credit: Montessori en Casa

This is the translation of a post written by Cristina Tebar from Montessori en Casa. If you want, you can read the original post in Spanish: Las crisis evolutivas de los primeros 3 años.

Also, this is one of the many articles (and probably the most complete) I read before deciding to start Oliver in a Montessori school already at 18 months. It wasn’t an easy decision at all, especially because the school was quite a bit more expensive than any other private kindergarten around here, but I think it was the right decision—and definitely the best one for us.

If you’re curious to read what convinced us, here’s a post I wrote just a month before Oliver started his Montessori journey in the Marbella Montessori school Casa del Mar: why we chose a Montessori school (and so early).

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