Aug 22, 2016

We're having a… (and thoughts on baby names)


Against all odds (Alex having five brothers, all boys!), we’re expecting a baby girl who already smiles and says hi from the belly, as you can see from the scan photos!

When they told me Oliver was a boy, I was genuinely disappointed, I had always wanted a girl in my life. But this time around—funnily enough—I really didn’t mind either way: after experiencing being the mum of a boy and loving it with every single cell in my body, I would have loved for Oliver to have a little brother, a partner in crime to grow up together with, to share his same interests and games. But I would have loved as much for him to have a little sister, somebody to take care of, to teach him life from Venus with all the beautiful differences that it involves.

Venus it is and we’re all over the moon (except for Oliver that has no clue of what’s coming)!

What's your favourite baby name?

While we had a clear idea of a name for a boy—it was going to be Sebastian—girl names have always been more difficult for us.

As for Oliver, we didn’t want any Rs, Ts, or LL in the middle of the name as they’d be distorted in one way or another in one or more languages. We wanted a name that’s easy to pronounce, write and spell in all our four languages, and that sounds good for a cute baby, a lovely girl and a grown, kind, confident woman.

We went through Chloe, Amy, Emilia, Lily, Noemi, Tessa, Emma, Evelin, Maya, Sophia (or Sophie), but in the end we keep calling her by the one name that we would have given Oliver, had he been a girl: Emily. So I think I can say that we have a name 😊

What’s your favourite baby name for a boy/girl? How did you choose your kids’ names? I’d love to hear…

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