After three days of a nasty stomach virus that devoured 4kg of my body. Of feeling sick when smelling food and being sick when having it. Of muscle pain, lethargy, headache, mild boredom and extreme weakness. Of dragging myself around the house and not being able to leave it.

I came to a conclusion.

Being sick is not compatible with being a mum. And a few other cob-web thoughts.

How do single parents do it? I was lucky that it started on a Friday night. If Alex hadn’t been there the first two days, I have no idea how I would have survived, let alone cared for my baby. This is to all the single parents out there: you rock!

Don’t you think everybody deserves somebody to hold their head on the toilet when they’re sick? Vomit is probably one of my least favourite ways of feeling sick, but I remember that when I was a kid my mum was always there holding my hair back with one hand and my forehead up with the other. I guess now I’m the one who’s going to hold my children’s head. Do I like it? I haven’t decided yet.

Forced detox is… well, forced. Not much you can do about it, really. Deliberately chosen detox is mental. How do people even think of going a week without food to lose weight? 80% good nutrition, 20% exercise. That’s how you lose weight healthily, not by doing detox.

“Look at the upside, you lost 4 kg!” There was a time I would be jumping up and down in celebration, putting on a tight dress and going party to show off my new, skinny me. Now I just  look at myself in the mirror and think, “If I get any skinnier, I won’t have any milk left in my body”. Ah, motherhood!

Back in school, I would wait for a virus like this (which equals bed, TV, sleep) all year. It was like, “Are you sick? Oh come here and give me a big hug!”. Now, I avoid people with a cold as much as vampires avoid sunlight. Vade retrum!

Not to mention that if I’m sick there’s a good chance I’ll pass it on to Oliver or, even worse, Alex (you know when they say sick men are a thorn in the flesh? If they don’t say it, I say it and it’s true!).

I guess what I’m trying to say is… I’m a super mummy, and super mummies should never get sick. This time it caught me off guard, but next time I’ll keep my shield high up.

Oh, one thing was good: the timing. This all happened just a week before our trip to Italy, so as you’re reading this I’m all well and happy, back on motherland, enjoying my hometown, my family and my all time friends with Alex and Oliver. After all, life is good. Hope you all had a lovely weekend :-)

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