A quiz for your kids — and a smile for you (Team Mama)

Carlotta Cerri
23 febbraio 2016

Last week Lucy shared with me a sort of quiz for kids that she did to her daughter. Since then, I smile every time I think of it and I think it’ll steal a smile from you, too. So today, for Team Mama, I’ll share it with you. Thanks, Lucy!

It’s 20 questions. Ask them to your child and write down exactly what they say. No prompting!

By the way, Lucy is a mum of three, the youngest is just a few months younger than Oliver. She is a gorgeous person (and mum) that I think very highly of  and her super power is to to entertain all three kids, colour with on hand, help do a roly poly with the other and engage in a serious conversation at the same time… No kidding! She is also a wonderful dancer and dance teacher in her free time.

These are her beautiful daughter Sophia’s answers (5 years old). My favourite are 13 and 15! Because a smile a day keeps the doctor away :-)

1) What is something Mummy always says to you?Don’t put things in your mouth.

2) What makes Mummy happy?Cuddles and kisses.

3) What makes Mummy sad?Not making an effort.

4) How does Mummy make you laugh?Tickling.

5) What was Mummy like as a child?Strawberries (?!)

6) How old is Mummy?37 (bravo!)

7) How tall is Mummy?37 kilos (ha ha ha!)

8) What is mummy’s favourite thing to do?Dinner.

9) What does Mummy do when you’re not here?Clean clothes.

10) If Mummy was famous, what would it be for?I dunno.

11) What is Mummy really good at?Dinner and teaching dancing.

12) What is Mummy not very good at?Dress people up at parties.

13) What is Mummy’s job?Doing a lot of work and working a lot.

14) What makes you proud of Mummy?Doing my bunches.

15) What is Mummy’s favourite food?Broccoli.

16) What do you and Mummy do together?Play lunch, pictures, play on the terrace, hang out washing.

17) How are you and Mummy the same?We are not the same.

18) How do you know Mummy loves you?She gives me lots of cuddles and kisses.

19) Where is Mummy’s favourite place?Dancing.

20) How old was Mummy when she had you?36.

Go on and give us a smile. Post your child's answers in the COMMENTS :-)

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