Attipas Shoes for babies — review

Carlotta Cerri
3 febbraio 2016

Update September 2019: in the last few months I’ve received several comments to this post from mothers who say that Attipas shoes smell bad. When we used them, I remember they smelt like feet, but no more than any other shoe, but I prefer to write it here anyway.

Lately so many mums have asked me where I bought Oliver’s shoes so today I’m writing a quick post unveiling the secret ;-)

They’re called Attipas and are in between a shoe and a sock.

And yes, the shoes are absolutely worth it if your little one is transitioning from crawling to walking through climbing on and cruising along any furniture and wall in your house. Watch a video of Oliver walking in his Attipas.

The shoes are very light, breathable, with big toe area for extra balance, and they’re machine washable (they’re not water-proof, but they dry quickly), but you can read all this on their website.

After using them for over a month, I can say that they’re as good as they advertise, but I noticed that they work so much better if you use them without socks: when wearing them with socks (even in Marbella we have some cold days), the shoes tend to slip off the foot. We found that folding the sock on top of the shoe sock prevents that from happening. You can get an idea of how much we use them by looking at how dirty they are ;-)

As I sort of had a feeling I’d been very happy with them, I bought two straight away (they sell like hot cakes in local shops!), size 20 and the following one.

As I know how busy a mummy life gets, here’s a link to get them on Amazon, sizes are in centimetres so you can just measure your little one’s fopt and you’re good to go (I’ll anyway write the sizes down here, EUR stands for Europe). Oliver is almost 11 month old and just started using size 21.5. We chose this model.

S (19 EUR) - 96-108mmM (20 EUR) - 109-115mmL (21.5 EUR) - 116-125mmXL (22.5 EUR) - 126-135mm

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