Dec 15, 2015

The little boy who lost his name

As you probably already know, we celebrate Christmas in a different way and we also try not to give in the present rush. I think a gift has to be personalised and thoughtful, because one of the things I hate the most is a forced gift on a fixed date “because I have to find something”.

But when I do find something special, I just feel like giving it to everybody I care about (including myself). This is one of those gifts.

It’s called “The little boy who lost his name” (or “The little girl who lost her name”) and it’s a book. Sounds boring? No, it’s not just a bedtime story, it’s a magical adventure where the child becomes the main character.

You choose the name of the little boy or girl (or the adult—I might be a bit childish, but I’d love to receive it myself!). You choose the language of the story. You decide if the adventurer is a boy or a girl and what they look like—blond hair, fair skin and blue eyes for Oliver.

You click a button and an extraordinary story appears on the pages of the book, where your character (your little one) meets magical creatures on an amazing adventure to find their name. And its inventors made sure that also the purchase experience and website are gorgeous and a bit magical.

And I know it’s meant for a bit older babies, but I think gifts have to be given when you find them. And that’s why I gave it to the two babies I love the most: Oliver and Bella.

And while I was writing a special message that will then be printed on the first page, I could picture the surprise on their faces when one day, in a few years, they’ll realise they’re the heroes of their bedtime story.

This is what I call a magical gift. And the world definitely needs a little bit of magic!

Christmas gift 2015 (raffle)

As I loved this gift idea so much, I’ll give out my 15% discount codes to three lucky readers to buy your own magical book.

To participate you’ll have to do both of the following things:

  • Share this post with your friends on Facebook or Twitter using the "Share" button.
  • Write a comment at the end of this post saying you participate in the raffle and who you'd like to give this gift to.

Friday 18th I’ll draw three comments out of all the participants (who shared) and write a post with the names of the winners. Good luck!

I vincitori sono • The winners are • Los ganadores son:

SerenaNoelia LirianoCarole

🇮🇹 Se il tuo nome è qui sopra, riceverai presto il tuo sconto. Per tutti gli altri, grazie per aver partecipato e ci vediamo al prossimo sorteggio 🙂

🇬🇧 If you see your name up here, you’ll soon receive your discount code. To everybody else, thanks for participating and stay tuned for the next raffle 🙂

🇪🇸 Si ves tu nombre aquí arriba, pronto recibirás tu descuento. A todos los demás, gracias por participar y nos vemos en el siguiente sorteo 🙂


We love this beautiful gift from aunty carlotta and we know bella will love it too one day!


I'd love to buy it for my nephew Andrew!


What a lovely concept! Would love one for little Maya. A friend was telling me how much her little girl now 5 had loved her book and couldn't believe the character in the book had the same name as her :-)


I know, I love it too! Can't wait for Oliver to read it in a few years :-) It's going to be a great bedtime story and memory!

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