We lost Froggy :-(

Carlotta Cerri

It’s undeniable, dads are always less careful than mums.

It’s not that they don’t care, it’s just that they don’t think ahead. So when they give a piece of food to their baby, they don’t think, “Let’s pull his sleeves up so I don’t have to do another laundry”. And they don’t realise that letting the baby crawl on the dirty kitchen floor is probably not the best idea after putting the pjs on and just before going to bed.

So when Alex was pushing the pram at the mall and gave Oliver his favorite toy, he probably didn’t think, “He drops everything, let’s keep an eye on the toy so we don’t lose it”.

And so it happened. Somewhere between Zara and C&A, Oliver—ehm, Alex—lost Froggy. We retraced our steps in the hope of finding it—in a crowded mall on a Saturday afternoon, silly us!—but it was gone.

Now, I’d have gotten upset for losing any toy, but more so for losing Froggy, because it was one of our favourites—typical, isn’t it? We don’t buy many toys for Oliver—I prefer books or things he can find and explore around the house—water bottles, kitchen tools, remote controls—and most of the toys he has were gifts. But when we do buy a toy, we like good quality, simple design and possibly natural materials (I love wood).

Froggy was a beautifully crafted rattle that made a gentle sound (great for mummy’s and daddy’s ears), 100% hand-made out of natural cotton, and quite big compared to most rattles (15 cm tall)—which made it really nice to hold and very soft to chew.

I was surprised at how resistant it was and how quick it dried when I had to wash it after a few months of use—I hand-washed it with the same detergent I use for Oliver’s clothes and in a few hours it was dry and ready to use again. Just perfect!

Oliver’s not really attached to any toy or teddy bear in particular, but Froggy was the closest thing to a favourite toy. Every time I’d give it to him, he’d smile, shake it, eat his eyes, play with it for a long while and sometimes even fall asleep in the pram while holding it (which is a miracle nowadays).

And not only we lost it, we lost it before I could take good pictures to write a very nice review on La Tela. Scroll up to see the only two photos I have—in the second one, the model is great-grandma Bruna… she loved it, too ;-)

PS. We bought Froggy in We bought it in  jugaryjugar. And now a very nice fox has joined the collection of froggy, piggy and owl!

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