The truthful truth about bacon and cancer

Carlotta Cerri

Facebook—and likely the whole internet in every language—is all about processed meats being carcinogenic. It took one headline in the Guardian to set the internet aflame. It’s always the same problem when it comes to nutrition: newspapers and magazines brainwash us by putting words together—in this case, smoke, cancer and processed meat—and quoting researches without really explaining the science behind them.

This article, though acknowledging the truthfulness of the research, explains why “eating bacon is not as bad as smoking when it comes to cancer. Just no.” And I want to share it not only because my everyday breakfast is eggs and bacon—and it’ll remain that way!—, but because I care about intellectual honesty and respect for knowledge, which some journalists tend to forget when they have a scoop in their hands.

You can read the article here.

What do you think? Don't you agree with me that often newspapers exaggerate?

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