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5 things I learnt from a baby with high fever

Carlotta Cerri

You never forget your son’s first temperature! No matter how prepared you are as parents, theres a part of your brain — usually the rational one — that goes on holiday and you find yourself terrified as if about to jump from a cliff with red-eyed wolves chasing you (believe it or not, that used to be one of my recurrent nightmares a few years ago!).

These are five things that I learnt from my little man when he had high temperature — and that I’d have liked to have known already:

  • Temperature in kids works differently: between 38 and 39 °C it's considered low fever; between 39 and 40 °C moderate fever; above 40 °C it's high fever. Many people fear fever, but we have to remember that fever is just our body's defence mechanism, it's its way to chase away all the bad guys (viruses and bacterias)!
  • Had I known point 1 before, that night when the temperature reached 39,5 °C I wouldn't have given Oliver a medication, because he really didn't need it. Live and learn.
  • Most of the times there's no need to go to the doctor. It's the same as for us adults: babies just need lots of rest (better if in mummy's arms) and to keep hydrated (so lots of milk for our tiny people!). And going to the doctor is not always a positive experience!
  • Your baby' moan is the worst thing in the world, but it's worth recording and keeping it. Just the other day I found it in my recordings and I felt nostalgic thinking that one day he won't need us anymore when he's sick. Sigh.
  • Goggle is a brilliant doctor when you know how to use it — if you don't anything, even an innocuous itch on your foot, is terminal cancer! Luckily, Alex is a great Google doctor and our years together he's always diagnosed me correctly before I'd go to the doctor!

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