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I went through one of my cobwebs of thoughts, which ended up like this: I’m ME.⁣
I know who I am today. I know where I stand. I know what my values are, and I’m always ready to fight for them. I know what society expects from me, and I’m never afraid of going against it.⁣

I’m at peace with myself. I know I could be better at dealing with my emotions, especially stress and anger, but I’m not afraid anymore of the work I have to do to get there.⁣

I’m at peace with my job. I know my worth, I know that I should be better at promoting myself, but I’m not obsessed with numbers and success anymore.⁣

I’m at peace with my body. I eat and move and take care of her, not because she’s not good enough, but because she deserves it.

I’m at peace with my quest. I know I’ll never stop evolving and that tomorrow I once again might be a whole new person. ⁣
And I’m excited about it. ⁣

Because the main purpose of a man’s life is to give birth to himself. And I think I’m doing a pretty damn good job at it.⁣

So here’s to 2019, a year in which I sold everything I own, gave up my personal freedom (5 hours each day of uninterrupted work while the kids were in school) to discover a whole new kind of freedom: traveling the world full time.⁣

And here’s to the past decade, in which I evolved from being a highly insecure girl hiding behind a shield of fake confidence into a truly confident woman.⁣

Welcome 2020, I don’t know what you’ll throw at me, but I know that one way or another, I’ll learn from it. I’m ready for the next 10 years.⁣

Ps. I’ve been in bed since 11.05pm, so I thought I wouldn’t see the clock switch to a new year. But then I started thinking, and actually started the new year (here in Vietnam it’s now 17 mins past midnight) in the most ME way I know: writing. Happy new year to me! 🥂