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Today is Halloween and I’ll say it again: don't buy balloons. You don’t need them, not for Halloween nor on birthdays.⁣
Your kids will do just fine and will have as much fun without balloons (I promise you!), and in the long run they’ll be the ones to refuse them: what sense does it make to buy something that hurts our planet?⁣
Also: balloons that you throw in the recycling bin go to landfills. And the “100% biodegradable” ones still take years to biodegrade – in which time they can end up anywhere.⁣
Isn't it better to simply teach our children to fight the single-use culture? (The answer is yes! 😉)⁣
By giving up balloons, we think we are depriving our children of something, when, in fact, we are giving them something much more important: a connection with our Planet.⁣
Ps. The second photo is from Canada 2018: the last time we bought a balloon. As you can see, not too long ago: Oliver was 3yo and Emily 21 months. Change can happen any time if you choose it.