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The other day we were in a bar and there were some coloring books. When it was time to go, the children hadn't finished their drawing and we were heading towards a crisis, I could see coming from afar. Nothing we said was working.
So we decided to talk to the children calmly, ask them questions, and we understood that the problem was not leaving the drawing unfinished, but that other children could finish it.⁣
I suggested writing on the drawing: “Don't finish it! Oliver is coloring it”. The kids liked the idea and this simple solution was enough to avoid a crisis.⁣
If we hadn't taken the time to understand their concern, if we had simply assumed what the issue was and tried to fix it with solutions that seemed logical to us, we would have gotten into a power struggle. Instead, by taking a step back, we were able to find a solution to avoid an unnecessary crisis.⁣
Sometimes it takes so little to meet our children half way, and often it simply means to listen to them with no prejudice or superiority.