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So, Oliver made this chair with a little help from Alex (some design ideas, he couldn’t help it 😉). But mostly alone. The chair broke after Emily sat on it for half an hour and so now she is turning it into something else. Today he didn't want to come to dinner: "What are you building?". “I don't know, I'm just building”. 😍
Using our hands to create something is therapeutic (not just for children) and teaches important lessons about ourselves and our surroundings. Now we are learning how much work goes into everything we use and buy, and this makes us want even more to support the work of small entrepreneurs who put love into their products, rather than big corporations that... well, that often don't have neither love nor respect for the planet.⁣
There are lessons everywhere, if we know how to find them and what to focus on: and this is a big part of what I’m going to be talking about in my new online course for parents that will be out soon (only in Italian) 💕