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After last week's podcast episode (only in Italian) where I told you what my goal is when it comes to eating habits for my children (it's not finishing up their plates, but developing a healthy relationship with food!), you asked me tons of questions about what we usually eat. I'm not really a food photographer, but if you swipe you can see some of our recurring dishes.⁣⁣
1. Big salads where we combine, alternating: quinoa, rice, couscous + spinach, tomatoes, avocado, broccoli, boiled egg, beetroot, cashews, pumpkin, seeds...⁣⁣
2. Sauteed vegetables with cous cous.⁣⁣
3. Breaded fish with mashed potatoes and peas.⁣⁣
4. Risotto with any vegetable.⁣⁣
5. Eggplant and lentil lasagna.⁣⁣
6. Homemade pizza, or course!⁣⁣
Ps. About a year ago, we stopped eating meat unless we know where it comes from (which is super difficult so we rarely have it). Oliver stopped eating meat when he was about 3, because he doesn’t want to kill animals; Alex and I stopped to make our eating lifestyle more sustainable for our planet.