Here are a few of the things that make our shop special.

Quality over quantity.
We’re a small team and we like to make things right. We strive to make our products timeless so they’ll be as relevant in 10 years as they are today. Good things come to those who wait.
We don’t do discounts or campaigns.
Our products are priced fairly based on what they’re worth and what allows us to keep the lights on. It also means there’s no need to wait for some special occasion in the hopes to get a discount. The best time to buy something on La Tela is always right now.
30-days money back. No questions asked.
Don’t like what you bought? No worries. Send an email to and we’ll refund you. No questions asked.
Let’s create together!
To make a living on the internet, you need an audience, but building an audience takes *a lot* of time. We’re using La Tela to jumpstart businesses for creators with talent.
Our creators have already reached 2,982 families for a total revenue of 17,297.96€ EUR.
Making a change where we can.
We have handpicked charities and causes that make a small (or big) difference to someone. All proceeds from Rainbow Stories go to ILGA Europe. To Still I Rise we donate 20% of the profits from the guide "How babies are made".
We’ve already donated 6,739.00€ EUR to charities. And we’re just getting started!