Groups of animals

Different animal groups are called in many different ways: in this book we discover some of them.

Herd of alpacas
Colony of bats
Caravan of camels

Fun facts


Names for groups of animals

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What is Montessori booklets for kids?

The Montessori booklets for kids are a collection of short, interesting and reality-based little books to stimulate interest in reading and start reading with confidence.

How were they born?

When Oliver and Emily started reading, I noticed that they got frustrated with long sentences and sometimes they didn't even try if they saw an entire paragraph: they love books, but that frustration often made them put them down. 

So I started creating short little books of topics that interested them: each one had one sentence per page, a real photo and a label to read (just being able to read the label was a great satisfaction!).

They were so successful that I decided to make them available to all children!

How do we use them?

Sometimes we print them and sometimes we read them on our tablet, whatever is more accessible in our campervan Elliot (ah right, do you know that we're full-time travellers and we homeschool?).

Now that I have them here, in my personal area on La Tela, I always have them all with me and every occasion is great to get some reading done! Is that a snail? Let's take out our little book and read it!

What do you find inside?

I like to offer the La Tela community what I would like to receive myself. Inside you will find:

  • The book in English to read on the device
  • The book in English in PDF format for printing
  • The book in other languages (Italian and Spanish) whenever it's translated. If I translate it for my kids, you'll get it too!
  • A mini guide on how to approach Montessori-style reading and writing
Meet Carlotta Cerri
What format are the books?

You can read them directly on this website, to always have them with you, or download them as PDF and print them.

Is there a booklet about…?

We add new Montessori booklet every month! If you have a specific request, send it to and I'll add it to our list!

Why do you call them Montessori?

Because they are inspired by the Montessori method: I have chosen only real images and they are based on a phonetic approach of teaching to write and read (I explain everything in the free mini guide that you find inside).

Can I pay by bank transfer?

Yes. When paying, select SEPA and you can pay by bank transfer.

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