Productive games

Playing is the natural way of learning. Montessori-style activities to learn through play.

What is Productive games?

Productive games is a concept I came up with in my Co-schooling course (Italian) to express how I homeschool my children. I don't teach them to read, I play games where they have to use reading. I don't teach them to do math, I play games where they have to use math. Playing is the main purpose, school skills are a means, learning is a side effect. 

“Playing is a child's job”, said Maria Montessori. These productive games are my interpretation of her teaching.

Each game touches on one or more school areas (language, mathematics, geography, science, general culture…), has a printable PDF and a detailed explanation of how we use it, alternative ideas and some tips for parents on how to intervene (or not) in the game.


Here you will find an activity that will soon be available separately and free-of-charge for everyone. It's a tiny free glimpse—tiny compared to the activities you'll buy—of how we work and how much care for details we put into our content.

Download the free PDF, print it by following the instructions carefully and cut out the silhouettes of the continents. The child can then "color" the gray map by placing each continent in the right place. They will then match the name tag to the relevant continent and use the control of error to check if they matched them correctly.

It is a complementary activity to any geography work on continents, animals or habitats.

Meet Carlotta Cerri
Ciao! Qui su La Tela creo tutti i contenuti dal lontano 2007 (quando non ancora non si chiamava La Tela) e faccio avverare tutte le mie visioni, una dopo l'altra, con calma e pazienza. Ho imparato che le cose migliori richiedono tempo, ma anche che a volte è meglio fatto che perfetto, motto che ha cambiato la mia produttività e la mia visione della vita.
What age is this activity for?

As with books, speaking of age is restrictive for activities. Each child is unique, as are their interests, and the activity adapts according to age: if a child doesn't read they can still match the animal to the footprint by matching the writings with the same letters (they recognise the "shape" of the word, without necessarily knowing what it says).

What format is the activity?

The activity is in PDF format, high quality to be printed.

Can I pay by bank transfer?

Yes. When paying, select SEPA and you can pay by bank transfer.

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