My name is Carlotta Cerri, I travel full time with my family, I write about conscious parenting and long-term education, and I believe that the main task in our life is to evolve, with all our strength and at every step of the way.

Bali, march 2020

I was born in Turin in 1985, and after a "nomadic" beginning of moving house almost every year, I lived in Alba (CN) since I was 6: that's "home" when I go back to Italy. Fun fact about me: officially, my surname is Cerri Gambarelli, it's a double surname because my grandparents were counts of Fiorenzuola D'Arda (yep, if nobility existed I'd be a countess! 💁🏼‍♀️).

~20 years in a nutshell

When I was 14, I spent my first summer alone abroad, in Ireland, and since then I knew I wouldn't live my adult life in Italy. I left my home country in 2007 and went back only briefly to graduate in 2008. I moved in with my (then future) husband Alex (Finnish) a week after I met him and we lived together in Marbella, Spain, ever since. We got married (twice, fun story!) in 2010, Oliver was born in 2015 and Emily in 2016.

Helsinki, august 2018.

The world tour

In 2019 we sold everything we owned and left with our work (two computers), two suitcases and two backpacks for a two-year adventure around the world, interrupted by COVID that kept us in New Zealand for almost a year (we were in the only COVID-free bubble in the world, not complaining 😉).

Nuova Zelanda, may 2020.

Discovering Europe

The current chapter? Traveling around Europe in Elliot! In New Zealand we did a motorhome experience and one of the most beautiful places we explored was Elliot's Bay. And so Elliot became the name of our VW California in which we are now exploring Europe (Fun fact: Alex bought it on the internet in New Zealand and the car dealer brought it from Germany to Italy… he said he'll forever tell the story of a Finnish guy buying a van from New Zealand and have it delivered in Italy to then import it in Spain! 😉).

Elliot in Barbaresco, May 2021

My job

I've reinvented myself several times. In Marbella I created a language school "Enclavia Languages" and I taught English to kids and adults for 8 years. In my free time, I took dance lessons and did salsa and cabaret shows with two dance companies, which became like family to me.

When I became a mother, I discovered Montessori and something changed in me. After years of studying, I started creating online courses for parents. I trained as an AMI assistant at the Maria Montessori Institute in London for the age groups 3-6 and 6-12. In 2020 I collaborated as an author with an Italian printed collection of books about the Montessori method.

Today I know very clearly what my mission is: to inspire more and more parents to raise children "long term", which means to educate towards respect, diversity and sustainability. Or as Maria Montessori said, to educate towards peace. Our world needs it now more than ever.