July's La Tela: arguments between parents
Sent on 30 July 2022

When you see us on social media and from the outside, Alex and I are a perfect couple. Many parents write to me asking about our relationship, how we found a balance as a couple after children, and how we compromise when it comes to raising our kids. Although we are on the same page on many aspects of parenting and education — and life (!), not everyone is “crazy” enough to sell everything and travel the world full time — Alex and I are certainly not immune to the daily difficulties of parenting and marriage.

We are a normal couple: we argue, sometimes we hurt each other unintentionally or even on purpose, we often don't understand each other, we don't talk for hours or even days — living and working together 24/7 doesn't make conflict resolution easier, but over the years we have certainly learnt to let go faster. We have also become better at finding our imperfect balance, at apologizing, at acknowledging when we are wrong, at accepting the other's mistakes, at taking a step towards each other, at having less resentment, at making up faster.

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Usually your newsletters is beautiful, engaging, interesting… This one, however, is super wonderful! 😍 Lots of practical but fundamental tips, such as lowering expectations, bedtime routines tricks, lots of real life stories… thank you for being there, as always! 🧡
Hi Carlotta, your ideas are always precious. For a few weeks now my husband has been following you and a few days ago he signed up for your newsletter, so today we read together your reflection on couple arguments. Being both synched on "La Tela" makes me feel better and balanced, because it's a way of continue growing hand in hand.
I just wanted to tell you that your newsletter couldn't have come at a better time, it was a light in a dark time. I will read and reread it, I will keep it in my soul for a long time and I hope it will give me the strength to know how to apply your advice in practice. Thank you so much.
Hi Carlotta, thank you very much for your newsletter! On the day you send it, it's my very favorite time before going to work, you always give great ideas. Hugs!
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