January's La Tela: siblings conflicts
Sent on 24 January 2022

If you ever wonder if my kids argue with each other, the answer is YES, OF COURSE! On Instagram you often see that hey are patient, kind, generous and that they play very well together independently for hours. It's all true! But they're normal children and they also fight: today I would like to tell you about our experience on how we handle conflicts between siblings and I'll leave you 4 ideas to solve conflicts in a healthy way.

Sometimes conflicts arise out of jealousy, but in our family we haven't experienced that so far. When I was pregnant with Emily, I got Oliver involved in the pregnancy, even taking him to ultrasounds. We read books about what happens when somebody becomes a big brother; we listened to him and always answered his questions honestly about how babies are born… I think all this involvement helped him not to feel jealous.

When Emily was born, we often used to leave them alone for a few minutes every day: even though Oliver was only 22 months old, we trusted him and wanted him to feel capable of being alone with his little sister. Of course, I was often around  and when Oliver was too rough, I tried to not get angry, and instead I showed him how he could do it so that Emily would like it, too.

In addition, I tried to offer Oliver exclusive and quality time by taking him on a bike ride or to a show at the theater, and when the three of us were together, I gave more attention to him than to Emily.

I think that, in our family, working mainly on avoiding jealousy was the starting point to avoid fights: however, when they do have conflicts, we offer them tools to resolve them.

4 ideas

Here are 4 ideas to help children create a healthy relationship with each other and manage conflicts peacefully.

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