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Audio books are a great tool for exposing your kids to different languages.

Doctor Quattrocchi Montanaro wrote: children are geniuses in language learning.

Maria Montessori teaches us (confirmed by countless studies): in the first six years of life, children have a special mind, which absorbs everything effortlessly and without realising it.

Exposing children to other languages ​​has immense benefits for the brain. Listening to audio stories in other languages, and in the case in different accents even, does not teach the language to the child (because a language can't be not learned passively), but develops hearing and absorbs and stores the sounds of that language in their brain. Those sounds will remain there, ready to be used.

Even if you don't speak English yourself, you can give your children the gift of language through audio stories. And if you can combine it with an English-speaking babysitter who comes a couple of times a week just to play with your kids, the long-term results will leave you speechless.

You can read more about multilingualism here:

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Narrated by Lucy is a series of audio books that kids will absolutely love. Sky, Mickey and Billy are three siblings exploring life and living everyday's adventures: every child will be able to relate to these stories.

The audio stories are carefully written, crafted and narrated by Lucy with love and empathy and featuring original music and sound effects.

The Outdoor Adventures collection transforms dull, wet afternoons or boring car journeys into exciting adventures. The Sleepy Sleepy Time collection helps with winding down before bedtime. 

While every child is different, in general, the stories are suitable for 3 to 7 year olds.

What do I find inside?

When you buy a Narrated by Lucy audiobook:

  • You can listen to it online
  • You can download it in mp3 format
  • You find keywords and pictures of each keyword to show your children (before or after listening)

Personalisable audio stories by Lucy

Lucy offers personalisable audio stories that will feature your children as main characters! Lucy will ask you the name of your child/ren, what they like and other small details which will then become part of the story.

We have Land of Dreams in which Emily goes in a hot-air balloon with Oliver looking for her goat Mara around a fantasy world; and Mission to the Moon in which Oliver goes with Emily into space for an unforgettable adventure. We gave Lucy's personalisable stories to many friends and they all loved them!

These stories have a fantastic element, so we recommend them for children aged 5-6 and up.

Find out more and listen to a snippet from Lucy's personalisable audio stories.

Lucy is a voice actress, dance teacher, writer, mum of three and the creator of all the Narrated by Lucy stories. Having experienced the wonder of audio stories with her children but noticing there weren’t many for the 3-7 year old age range, she decided to write and narrate relatable stories about everyday life situations for children to enjoy listening to alone, with siblings or with their family & friends.

Are the audiobooks only in English?

Yes, Lucy is an English voice-over artist and has written, created and narrated these audio books. All the voices you hear in her audiobook are hers.

Can I put them in my kid's device?

Yes, you can listen to the audiobook online or download it as a mp3 for your kid's device. 

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