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Extremes are not healthy. In parenting nor in life.⁣⁣
If you spoon feed your child sometimes, it’s not true that you're not doing BLW.⁣⁣
If you use a disposable nappy on holiday, it's not true that the effort of using cloth nappies the remaining time doesn't matter.⁣⁣
If you buy a plastic toy, it’s not true that you are not Montessori.⁣⁣
If you co-sleep with your child, it’s not true that they will never sleep alone.⁣⁣
If you give formula, it’s not true that they will grow up unhealthy.⁣⁣
If you breastfeed, it’s not true that you need to be available 24/7.⁣⁣
Often, we have to live in the extreme to find a balance, and that's okay.⁣⁣
But only those who don't want to evolve stay in the extreme.⁣⁣