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We lived a month in Penang, through dragon dances for the Chinese New Year and the Kavadi “dances” for the Tamil Thaipusam. We learnt so much.⁣⁣
But you know what my best memory from Penang is?⁣⁣
Singing “How far I’ll go” out loud for about a 1km walk with the kids under the sun headed to this temple.⁣⁣
And getting there soaked in sweat but with no crisis, just happy faces and big smiles. Still singing.⁣⁣
Every time I hear that song, it brings me right back to that amazing afternoon, which had nothing amazing about it except for the fact that I took a chance in a Malaysian city I didn’t know with two small kids, all by myself.⁣⁣
It made me feel like there really is no limit to how far I’ll go…⁣⁣