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Second shot yesterday.⁣ 🙌
For me, it’s everybody’s responsibility.⁣
We can’t keep perpetuating one of the most dangerous mentalities of our time: the “me” mentality.⁣
We need to start recognising our privilege and stop feeling entitled.⁣
We need to start switching from a “me” mentality to a “we” mentality.⁣
No matter if I’m pro or against vaccines, whether I’m scared of it or not, whether I had Covid or not, I feel that this vaccine is my responsibility to help ending a global pandemic that is still causing much suffering, especially in less privileged areas.⁣
This pandemic is global. We’re in it all together. Let’s start acting like it.⁣
Ps. I understand this is a sensitive subject, and everybody should feel comfortable saying their own opinion. I won’t reply to comments, but I will delete disrespectful ones. Please filter your words when you write and think “we” before you post.⁣

Pps. I think that the current situation of crowds in stadiums is a whole different story. Let’s leave it out of the convo.⁣