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Every night, I put Emily to sleep and Alex puts Oliver to sleep. And Oliver talks to Alex for 15 minutes non-stop about his day and what he did and what he said and what Emily said and “then there was fire in my eyes”… long silence. “Dad, by the way…”⁣
One day, recently, Alex wasn’t here, I put both to bed and Oliver didn’t even talk. He didn’t want to share with ME.⁣
You see, when Emily was born Oliver shifted completely towards Alex and I “lost” my little boy.⁣
And I could be sad about this. I could be jealous. I could be resentful.⁣
Instead, I’m endlessly grateful that Oliver has Alex. That Alex could meet all his needs when I couldn’t. That thanks to Alex there wasn’t a bit of jealousy towards Emily, just love. That they have this amazingly special relationship. That Alex can get through to him so easily. That he is his person. And also that I get to listen to all his stories while putting Emily to bed.⁣
I have tears in my eyes as I write all this, but they’re tears of gratitude.