Group 5

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Today I wanted to move the frisbee away from the driveway, so I threw it, but the wind took it and it ended up in the neighbor’s garden. I laughed. ⁣
It made me think. I always tell the kids to fly it low so it won’t end up in somebody else’s garden or in the street.⁣
Would have I laughed if the kids did it? Probably not. I’d have probably said, “Come on, guys! That’s exactly why I told you to fly it low”.⁣
I need to learn to laugh more.⁣
And because today I took the time to reflect on this and learn from it, I’m sure next time I’ll be able to do it. Sometimes learning to react differently is just about pausing and reflecting on our own reactions.⁣
There’s learning everywhere and in everything we do, if we are willing to learn.⁣