Group 5

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Emily has been going through a “when I was big” phase. It goes like this (this is just one example):⁣
Emily - When I was big I did [something].⁣
Alex - And where did you live?⁣
Oliver - Africa?⁣
E - Yeah, Africa.⁣
A - But Africa is big, in what country?⁣
E - Chiang Mai!⁣
A - Ah, makes sense, in Thailand, right?⁣
E - Yes, Thailand!⁣
A - And who did you live with?⁣
E - With my friends, I was big!⁣
A - And where were we?⁣
E - You weren’t born!⁣

After hearing “When I was big” stories for months, Alex and I are starting to think this is not Emily’s first life. 😂