Group 5

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I launched something that makes me tick! It’s called Rainbow Tales and it’s a guide for parents on sexual "diversity". We talk about gender identity and sexual orientation (and lots more) and we do it, of course, also with our children, with a new printable book. In short, we smash taboos.⁣
Important conversations require important actions: ALL proceeds will go to @ilgaeurope, defending human rights for the LGBTQ+ community.⁣

Thanks to @luca_boccoli___, @anastasija_stosic, @hermansandblom, @larioscomoelgin, @hannahlazzaretti, the 5 activists who created and illustrated the original version of the printable book Rainbow Tales.⁣ And to my sister @crimedotcom who connected us all.

Thanks to @ethancaspani who agreed to become a character in the children’s book (you rock!) and share with parents his coming out letter to his mom.⁣

And also thanks to @francescatherebel and @papaperscelta for everything you share, you have taught me so much in my personal journey.⁣