Group 5

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I was raised with the idea that white lies are okay—it's okay to lie lightly to get what you want, if nobody gets hurt. When I met Alex, honest and morally correct by his own culture, I realized how much I used white lies, even just "I'm a student" to get into a museum for free if I knew they didn't check.⁣
As a mom, I didn't want to perpetuate this narrative with my children, and I made a decision: only the truth. If someone asks me to meet and I don't feel like it, instead of inventing an excuse like "I have too much work" (as I used to do) today I simply tell the truth: "I don't feel like it". It’s liberating, it’s trustworthy, it feels right.⁣
We all are in control of who we are and can choose who we want to be.⁣