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We decided to let the kids watch the documentary My Octopus teacher (please, watch it!) and they loved it. When the time came that the shark eats the octopus, I stopped and told them that now something sad is going to happen, that the shark kills the octopus (just like we saw the octopus kills small fish and crabs to eat them and survive) and I asked them if they wanted to keep watching. They said no, so we stopped it. 🙂
We can’t assume what our kids are ready or not ready to watch, and that’s a mistake that many parents make, especially with cartoons, which are thought to be innocent... ⁣
What small kids watch on TV has a deep effect on their subconscious (also because they can’t tell fantasy from reality until they’re about 6) and maybe not right away, but in the long term it *can* cause “uncomfortable” behaviors (even just restlessness) and nightmares.⁣
Let’s be more mindful, shall we?