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Alex and I recently went through a hard time. He told me I was working too much, that I never showed him affection, that we couldn't go on like this. I knew he was right.⁣
From the next day I tried to make a radical change, starting from hugging him with intention every time I see him.⁣
It wasn't easy, I had to swallow my pride after being criticized.⁣
But it also wasn’t difficult: I just had to distance myself from my pride, and think about how much I love, appreciate and respect the man whom I’m sharing my life with, and how absurd it is that I don’t show him every minute of the day. ⁣
Change came spontaneously.⁣
Ps. Today is his birthday and our friends gave us both a very special gift (I’ll tell you all about it later on in stories)🎂