Group 5

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Last night I found this video of us in 2012, 5 years after we met. I say "found" because I didn’t remember it at all, I have no idea what we were doing, why (or for whom) we were doing it, why we were looking at the screen, why I was following Alex's movements (he seems to be the dancer in this video 🤔)… nothing, I had erased it!⁣⁣
But it made me laugh and I smile every time I think about it.⁣⁣
And it reminded me of something important: THAT IS US. Even if today that couple often feels like a mirage, even if we lose and find each other periodically and not with little effort, that's us. That is the person I chose, the person that after 13 years I would choose over and over again.⁣
Sometimes we forget why we chose each other and when we change and evolve (not all for the better) it’s easier to regret who we were than to welcome who we are. It’s easier to think that that couple dancing in the living room is lost than to think about all the ways it has evolved.⁣⁣
By the way, we still dance in the living room. But not as much as we should.