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Dear friends, as you may know, Amazon is one of the cancers of our planet, it represents much of what we must fight against if we are to move towards a sustainable lifestyle.⁣
This year for Prime Day, my sister @crimedotcom gave herself a gift: she finally canceled her Amazon account to never use it again.⁣
Inspired by her, I decided to stop using Amazon—not light-heartedly: this is a big change for me, because I also make money with the Amazon affiliate program.⁣
Sustainable choices are never easy, never comfortable, but always necessary.⁣
I decided to start from my blog, and I need your help: every time you find a link to an Amazon product in one of my posts, please take 1 minute to report it to me so that I can remove it.⁣
I choose to be the change I want to see in the world.⁣