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Many of you are new here, it’s time to (re)introduce ourselves. I’ll start with Alex.⁣
Year ’85, his mother passed away when he was 6, he left school when he was 14 because it wasn’t for him, and started working in IT. At 15 he went to live alone. At 19 he moved to Spain. At 20 he started working in a company with an American guy (now they are partners, and are going for 14 years of marriage 😉). He won the Slashdot redesign contest and worked with Google, Virgin America, YouTube… At 22 he met Carlotta, at 25 he married her, at 30 he had Oliver, at 31 Emily, at 33 he sold everything to travel the world, at 34 he left. He celebrated his 35th birthday in Bali. Full post with many more details on the blog: 💁‍♂️⁣