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I remember a life without Emily, I remember when it was just me and Oliver waiting for daddy every afternoon.⁣
I remember mostly the struggles, as always – the mind is a bit stupid that way – the times when Alex opened the door and I’d pass Oliver to him and crash to the floor crying, because everything felt too much and I felt I wasn’t really ready to be a parent. I then discovered we never are.⁣
But when I look at photos like this, everything else comes back, my little boy and I ready to conquer the world (or the backyard) together like a perfect team. The slow walks. The long minutes observing ants, or a waterspout. The hours working while he slept in the pram next to me. ⁣
I’d love to be able to close my eyes, and see and feel one of those day all over again with the same intensity I lived them.⁣