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Before I was a mom I could do anything. I could wake up at 5am, work out, have a 30-min lunch break, finish work at 8.15 and drag myself to my dance class 8.30-10pm. And then there were dance rehearsals, shows, salsa social nights, dinners, birthdays, events. I said yes to all of it.⁣
I was invincible. ⁣
Now that I’m a mom… I can still do anything. But I don’t want to. Because I know myself better and listen to myself more. I value my mental health. I honour my body.⁣
If it’s not a full-on YES, then it’s a NO. (Or like Derek Sivers says, if it’s not HELL YES!, then it’s NO!). ⁣
I’m still invincible. Just more mindfully so.⁣