Group 5

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There’s so many of you, sometimes I imagine all 10,6k of us in a park together 💕⁣⁣
Introduction: Carlotta here, Italian. I’ve always been passionate about languages, which took me to Spain in 2007.⁣⁣
That’s when and where I met Alex, Finnish, and we had Oliver (2015) and Emily (2016).⁣⁣
When I became a mother, I realized that my job as a language teacher was not compatible with the kind of motherhood I wanted, and I created an online business.⁣⁣
Since 2019 we’ve been full-time travelers, the world is the children’s school, we raise them Montessori and with 3 languages, and we work while traveling.⁣⁣
My website is my home, you can always find me there > . Here you won’t find filters or ads: just a family that talks about mindful education.⁣⁣