Group 5

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Yesterday Emily’s bike broke. She cried. I hadn’t realized how much her rusty second-hand bike—and her new ability of pedaling that she worked so hard for—meant to her.⁣
So I looked up a second-hand bike, and actually found a great one that wasn’t even listed (long story).⁣
When we got to the house the owner said he was sad about selling it as it had emotional value, and as a joke I told him he could buy it back in a few months, when we leave. ⁣
He said, “how about you take it for free, Emily uses it, and then you bring it back before leaving?”.⁣
Well, this is our New Zealand so far. Kindness. Trust. Generosity. People that make you want to be even better people.⁣
When is the last time a stranger did something beautifully unexpected for you?⁣