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It's grandma speaking

A collection of audio books for children about animals, places, historical characters… all based on reality!

1 audiobook: 2.50€ | 5 audiobooks: 10€
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What is it?

"It's Grandma Speaking" is a collection of children's audiobooks about nature, animals, places and people, all based on real life.  

How were the audiobooks born?

When we left to travel the world, grandma Savina found this special way to overcome the distance and be close to her grandchildren: she wrote, recorded and sent them a story every week.

The journalist in her mixed with the desire to respect our Montessori way of life (in which we prefer not to offer fantasy to children before they're ~​6 years old), led her to create stories that were based on reality, in a fun, documentary style.

How did the children like them?

I still remember when she sent us the first one: the moon. Oliver and Emily, who were then 2.5 and 4 years old, listened to it in silence, they didn't even move. And then they asked to listen to it again. They loved it!

And not only them: the stories are short, funny and they're told with so much enthusiasm and fondness that all children fall in love with them. This is why we decided to make it a product and to lend our grandma to all the children out there.

What do you find inside?

I like to offer La Tela community what I would like to receive myself.

Inside, you'll fine:

  • A summary of the highlights (great for the parent to answer review before listening)
  • Ideas on how to use the story for other activities
  • Real photos of the topic we are talking about (coming soon)
  • Link to in-depth videos suitable for children (coming soon)
  • The same story in other languages ​​(if available). If grandma creates it, your children get it!

We listen to grandma's "true tales" almost every day: I remember one week when we talked about bats, volcanoes and medieval castles and… there was a "grandma's tale" for each on of those!

PS. Oliver and Emily agree to lend you their grandma. 😉

Savina Sciacqua is a sui generis grandmother: she always prefers to be on the road, she loves to dress all in the same color, wears glasses with a round and a rectangular lens, sings and dances to songs under the astonished gaze of her grandchildren.

Always a volcano of ideas, a woman who has reinvented herself many times in her life, today combines many of her talents in true stories: the written word, her welcoming voice, the creation of content and the innate curiosity with which she amazes the children.

What format are the audio books?

You can listen to them directly on this website, to always have them with you, or download them as mp3 and add them to your children's player.

Is there a tale about…?

We add new "true tales" every month! If you have a specific request, send it to and grandma will make it happen!

Why wouldn't you expose your kids to fantasy before the age of 6?

Because children's brain before the age of 6 is unable to distinguish between fantasy and reality, and needs reality to build a solid foundation. I talked about it in this blog post.

Can I pay by bank transfer?

Yes. When paying, select SEPA and you can pay by bank transfer.

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