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April 14, 2022
December 19, 2021
November 30, 2021⁣
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November 28, 2021
I recently realise that there’s a lot of confusion around sharing toys. Forcing to share toys does not teach kids generosity, but rather to be protective of their own things. From an early age, we ...
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November 22, 2021
November 18, 2021
Around Christmas time. We walk into a shop and as soon as my kids display a slightly “inappropriate” behavior—louder voice, complaining about something we can’t buy—the salesperson says:⁣ "You are ...
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November 16, 2021 .⁣⁣
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I’ve prepared collections on various topics that I’ve written over the years. Perhaps you’ll find one that interests you.


We sold everything to travel the world.


I update Instagram almost every day to be "close" to my family far away.

I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it