Tools and services we use in La Tela

Project management:

  • Basecamp: here we handle the communication for the creation of all our projects. We have to-do lists for the next 3085684749 centuries.
  • HEY: this email service helps us collaborate within our team to help you. We love HEY!

Application & Hosting:

  • The website is built with Ruby on Rails, using TailwindCSS and Unpoly to make Alex's life easier.
  • The website is hosted on DigitalOcean. The hosting is managed with Cloud66.
  • We send emails and newsletters using Postmark.
  • The code (or the magic, like I call it) is hosted on GitHub.
  • We track errors with Honeybadger.
  • We generate the downloadable books with CloudConvert.
  • We check analytics using Splitbee.
  • We generate rich previews in posts using Embedly.
  • We create forms using Typeform.


  • On Canva we make our Montessori booklets and most of the resources in our products.
  • We use Sketch for reel cover designs, productive games and everything else design related.
  • We use Moo to print our business cards (they're made from 100% old cotton t-shirts).


  • We incorporated La Tela LLC in the US with the help of Firstbase.
  • Bench does our bookkeeping while Bookmate files the tax returns.
  • We accept payments with Stripe.
  • Our main bank account is with Mercury. For international payments we use Wise.
  • We contract our staff using Pilot.
  • Thanks to Starlink our team has the best possible Internet in Italian areas where the finer doesn't reach. It saved us!