Savina Sciacqua

I have my daughters as an influencer for years. They took me into the new that is advancing. But now they are my grandchildren Oliver and Emily to inspire me. "Children know" and I need to go back to move forward. I'm spontaneous, curious, rogue, selfish, fragile? Above all I'lm true! I will be a "child grandmother".

I live passionately all that is inside of me. The travel journalist for national and non-national newspapers (for three decades). The psychobiologist with a column on newsstands (but for now I don't practice anymore). The writer ad libitum with a new book always in preparation (after the last one that came out in February 2022 on the famous tombs and cemeteries of 5 continents). The creator of audio books for children with the international project It's Grandma speaking and the collection of true tales in three languages ​​(born out of love and fear that Oliver and Emily would forget me).
BUT I mostly evolve with my private faces.
I'm a sui generis grandmother, and I reserve the lighter version for my grandchildren, I create sequences of gestures on their favorite songs, audiobooks with their personal real story and I'm always getting them t-shirts wrong size...
I am a mother observing daughters and I offer them only what I consider really important and, according to my overall vision, I add glances thanks to daily messages, photos, newspaper clippings, posts and, when possible, live words.
I am a Daughter looking for constructive ideas towards old age to turn to my over 80 year old mother; during the pandemic to alleviate her isolation, I asked her to draw the true tales and she claims that this saved her life.
I am a Woman and I practice sisterhood towards all women rejecting useless and harmful rivalries, I do it instinctively, often finding myself without having foreseen it to activate that dignity and courage typical of the feminine.
I am a Lady waiting for her new Knight.
In any case, I love to reinvent myself in color. And I'm ready to do it right up to the last thought.
A smile to everyone.


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