Miriam Negri

Miriam is the illustrator of La Tela, she is eclectic, curious and self-critical, she loves to create with her hands and design games for her girls.

Miriam never knew how to choose between everything she was passionate about… so she did (and continues to do) a little bit of everything.

Down the road, she studied art therapy, graphics, fashion design. She's cultivated her love for drawing and for handcrafted products.

She has created a lot with her hands and using the most disparate materials. She loves details and what is done with care.

She adores jewels, preferably flashy and unusual. For a while, creating jewels was her job!

Then Eva and Amal were born, and while she seeks a new balance between her current and old self, Miriam has understood that she loves creating with them and for them.

Products by Miriam Negri