Since 2015 we’ve been on a mission to bring family together and change the way we see and educate children.

Our tiny team works tirelessly to improve education.

Carlotta Cerri
Carlotta creates the contents
Alex Bendiken
Alex creates the platform
Milena Florez
Milena answers your doubts and organizes La Tela
Miriam Negri
Miriam does illustrations and creates the games
Oliver & Emily
Oliver & Emily inspire us and test our products

It’s all about the journey. Here are our guiding principles that ensure we stay on track.

We respect people's privacy.
There are no trackers or ads on the website, and we collect the bare minimum information needed to run the site. Facebook and Google won't know what you buy on La Tela.
Collaboration trumps competition.
We collaborate and share, instead of competing and protecting. A rising tide lifts all boats.
We're transparent in everything we do.
We don't accept advertisements or sponsored products of any kind so that you know without a shadow of a doubt that we have no ulterior motives, that our opinions are completely free, that we choose the products we recommend / wear / use, and we do not earn from showing them to you.
We're not afraid to show real life.
You won't find filters, stock photos, creative editing, or any other gimmicks or tricks on our websites or profiles. We're not afraid to show our mistakes and faults, which makes parents realize they're not alone in this journey.
We have enough.
We're not in this to build a billion-dollar company. We're happy to stay small. Extra revenue goes into giving others the chance to build their own business through our audience, as well as to charities.

It all started with a dream. Literally.

I dreamed of the name La Tela di Carlotta (Charlotte's Web). One morning I woke up and in my dreams I had created a blog named just like the novel. So I bought the domain and started it! It was my hobby for many years, until one day…

Some years later

I quit my job and focused only on my website. After endless ups and downs and life crossroads, today this web of thoughts and stories is my job. And since it's now way more than me—it's also a web of people—I changed the name to…

La Tela

It took me a long time to understand what kind of online presence I wanted to be and today I know: I'm transparent, I show real life, I don't advertise, I don't accept sponsors, and I believe immensely in the value of this platform and its people—because if we don't believe in the value of our work ourselves, no one will believe for us.

PS. Now you're part of our people!

Carlotta Cerri

More charities, more giving, more creators making a living.

Let’s create together!
To make a living on the internet, you need an audience, but building an audience takes *a lot* of time. We’re using La Tela to jumpstart businesses for creators with talent.
Our creators have already reached 2,535 families for a total revenue of 14,584.16€ EUR.
Making a change where we can.
We have handpicked charities and causes that make a small (or big) difference to someone. All proceeds from Rainbow Stories go to ILGA Europe. To Still I Rise we donate 20% of the profits from the guide "How babies are made".
We’ve already donated 5,858.05€ EUR to charities. And we’re just getting started!
Calling all teachers!
My courses are free for all teachers and educators. We need your help to change the education system. Join the movement to make a difference.
We’ve already donated 1,004,541.00€ worth of courses and guides to 3,972 teachers and educators.